ThermiRF All-in-One Platform Treats Multiple Aesthetic Needs

ThermiRF from Thermi (Irving, Texas) is a novel device for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, body contouring, nerve ablation and more. Delve deeper into all the applications of the ThermiRF platform with host Stuart Brazell and guest Red Alinsod, M.D., a urogynecologist in Laguna Beach, Calif. Dr. Alinsod describes the ThermiRF radiofrequency energy-based technology and technique, which employs special applicators that can treat many patient concerns. Treatments discussed include ThermiTight, which rejuvenates the lower face and neck, abdomen, arms and other body areas; ThermiSmooth, which addresses fat in the neck and chin; and ThermiRase for periorbital treatments to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.